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Preparing your media
Cropping, Scaling
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MacMPEG2Decoder Manual


Find 'Preferences' in one of the menus. You'll get the following window:

Following is a brief description of what each option does:
  • Use Reference IDCT: a theoretically perfect IDCT which can theoretically improve quality. Is signifcantly slower than the IDCT approximation we currently use. DO NOT USE. It makes no visible, or even measurable difference.
  • 16-240 -> 0-255 Color Expansion: makes whites whiter, blacks blacker, and screws up 3ivx compression. When you useit with 3ivx you end up with psychedelic rgb artifacts in dark and light areas.
  • Trim bad MPEG2 Frames: self explanatory (actually we don't know either)
  • Stop at end of sequence: same as Trim bad MPEG2 Frames :) :(
  • Use AltiVec: Enables AltiVec acceleration on G4 Macs. (Makes it faster on G4's)
  • Log errors instead of displaying: Doesn't do anything yet
  • Decoder Task Weight: Tells MM2D how much processor time it should take. Slider to the left means other apps get more processor time, slider to the right means MM2D sucks all your processor cycles.
  • High Quality Scaling: Uses a nicer scaling algoritme, resulting in nicer graphics. It's a bit slower tho.
  • Blurring: Many codecs perform/compress better when the image that is to be compressed is slightly blurred. Here you can have MM2D blur the image