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Welcome to MacMPEG2Decoder

The 3ivx team is dedicated to providing video compression solutions. MacMPEG2Decoder is probably the most affordable MPEG2 to QuickTime application for MacOS since it is totally free. The original application was written by VLich who brought it to version 1.0b5. We are taking over VLich's excellent work to bring MacMPEG2Decoder even further.

The latest release (beta 8) includes the following enhancements:

  • the decoding part doesn't decode macroblocks which are cropped anyway (only in b-frames)
  • cropped parts of the frames are not converted to rgb
  • altivec speedups (idct/addblock is also one block now)
  • mm2d is now able to handle DVD vob files
  • minor speedups in the scaling/blur routine
  • minor speedups in the store420 routine
  • a shortcut for remove
  • a nice icon

MM2D is now released under LGPL and MPL licenses. So if you think you can improve MM2D, download the source code and show us your skills! :)


MacMPEG2Decoder requires a PowerPC based Macintosh compatible computer, with QuickTime and CarbonLib or MacOS X installed. For good performance a G4 running MacOS X 10.1 is recommended.